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Profile and services of BKG Machinery AG.

BKG Machinery considers the dismantling of machines as an important sign of confidence for the customer and we try to carry it out to the customer's satisfaction, in order to avoid damages as well as problems such as delays in re-assembling the machines and putting them into operation.
As a matter of principle, BKG Machinery only accepts machinery which we can clearly judge from our experience, based on the manufacturer, the technical qualification and the state of the machine, to avoid any operational problems in the future.
BKG Machinery's sales policy is foresighted and for the client's benefit. Due to the reliable and close cooperation with the textile industry we get information about machinery that is up for sale well in advance. This ensures as far as possible that the buyer can inspect the machines under production conditions. BKG Machinery tries to avoid, wherever possible, to offer machinery in a dismantled state ex warehouse.
BKG Machinery provides, in addition to the machines exclusively on offer from us, an extensive database with information on machines that will come up for sale in the near future.
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